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Daily portraits of five and six-year old boys: the play activity / Retratos do cotidiano de meninos de cinco e seis anos: a atividade de brincar

Nunes, Flavia Bignardi da Silva; Figueiredo, Mirela de Oliveira; Della Barba, Patricia Carla de Souza; Emmel, Maria Luísa Guillaumon.
Artigo em Português | Index Psicologia - Periódicos técnico-científicos | ID: psi-68639
Daily life experiences provide maturity along human development, and the environments in which they occur are essential for this process. These experiences help to build children?s personalities and the way they deal with the world around them.


In this study, we aimed to understand the occupational behavior of four children aged five to six years old through their mothers? reports.


The average time spent with daily activities is described, and playing was a central theme of analysis. We analyzed the preferences, companies and emotional characteristics of the play activity. We used an Activity Clock and semi-structured interviews with the children?s mothers as data collection instruments.


The main results show that most of their daily life time is spent with sleep, school and play activities. They indicate that children prefer games that challenge acquisitions that are under construction. Regarding company, these children still have their mothers as a reference to the play activity, but also peers their age or a little older.


Play has an important representation in the daily occupational lives of these children and it stands as a key life experience to acquire skills and face challenges.(AU)
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