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Síndrome de Burnout e absenteísmo em enfermeiros no contexto hospitalar: revisão integrativa da literatura brasileira / Burnout Syndrome and absenteeism among nurses in hospital context: integrative review of Brazilian literature

Rezende, Roseli; Borges, Najla Moreira Amaral; Frota, Oleci Pereira.
Comun. ciênc. saúde; 23(3): 243-252, jul.-set., 2012. tab
Artigo em Português | MS | ID: mis-36341


The Burnout Syndrome (BS) has been characterized bya reaction to chronic emotional tension generated from direct contactwith excessive and stressful work environment. Absenteeism, one of itspossible consequences, is a complex problem for healthcare organizations,being an indicator that needs to be monitored.


To identify the key factors related to the SB and absenteeism among nurses in hospital settings.


It is an integrative review of national literature based on six distinct and sequential phases 1) defining the guiding question; 2) literature search; 3) data collection; 4) review of the included studies; 5)discussion of results and 6)presentation the review. Data collection wasperformed in the databases BDENF, MEDLINE, LILACS and SciELOwith the descriptors “Burnout Professional”, “Nurses” and “Absenteeism”.The search ocorred in June 2012. The study included nationalarticles published in the last five years, written in Portuguese, Englishor Spanish, located in full and that focused on the theme BS and absenteeism in nurses working in hospitals.


The sample consisted of 24 paper. It was found that the mainfactors related to absenteeism and SB derived from organizational aspects,occupational conditions inadequate and responsibilities of nurses.


Such factors should be evaluated from the workplace inorder to establish the diagnosis and interfere with situational factors inorder to improve the quality of life of nurses.(AU)
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