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Avaliação das dificuldades enfrentadas pelo paciente para realização de uma consulta médica de nível terciário / Evaluation of the difficulties faced by the patient to obtain a medical appointment on last referraal levels

Uzelli, Giovanni de Paula; Lima, Rodrigo de Souza; Pires, Waleska Palhares; Schirmbeck, Tarciso.
Comun. ciênc. saúde; 23(3): 207-214, jul.-set., 2012. tab, graf
Artigo em Português | MS | ID: mis-36336


to identify the difficulties of access to health care faced bypatients and how they impact on prognosis and treatment of their disease.


205 patients of the Hospital de Base do Distrito Federal were interviewed from August 2007 to July 2008.


52.5% of patients were not regularly monitored by primarycare. They waited over 2 months in 91.8% of cases for a last referral level medical appointment and 7.4% of users had not been assisted after 12 months. Patients treated with less than a month of waiting had no impact on their life (73.9%), and from two months of waiting, 54.9% had some involvement (psychological, social or biological).


more than half of patients treated at tertiary level in the Federal District does not have a regular follow-up in primary care which reinforces the need to strengthen primary health care activities. The delay in care resulted in worsening health, psychological and socialconsequences for patients.(AU)
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