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Home Videos as a Cost-Effective Tool for the Diagnosis of Paroxysmal Events in Infants: Prospective Study.

Huang, Lu-Lu; Wang, Yang-Yang; Liu, Li-Ying; Tang, Hong-Ping; Zhang, Meng-Na; Ma, Shu-Fang; Zou, Li-Ping.
JMIR Mhealth Uhealth; 7(9): e11229, 2019 Sep 12.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31516128


The diagnosis of paroxysmal events in infants is often challenging. Reasons include the child's inability to express discomfort and the inability to record video electroencephalography at home. The prevalence of mobile phones, which can record videos, may be beneficial to these patients. In China, this advantage may be even more significant given the vast population and the uneven distribution of medical resources.


The aim of this study is to investigate the value of mobile phone videos in increasing the diagnostic accuracy and cost savings of paroxysmal events in infants.


Clinical data, including descriptions and home videos of episodes, from 12 patients with paroxysmal events were collected. The investigation was conducted in six centers during pediatric academic conferences. All 452 practitioners present were asked to make their diagnoses by just the descriptions of the events, and then remake their diagnoses after watching the corresponding home videos of the episodes. The doctor's information, including educational background, profession, working years, and working hospital level, was also recorded. The cost savings from accurate diagnoses were measured on the basis of using online consultation, which can also be done easily by mobile phone. All data were recorded in the form of questionnaires designed for this study.


We collected 452 questionnaires, 301 of which met the criteria (66.6%) and were analyzed. The mean correct diagnoses with and without videos was 8.4 (SD 1.7) of 12 and 7.5 (SD 1.7) of 12, respectively. For epileptic seizures, mobile phone videos increased the mean accurate diagnoses by 3.9%; for nonepileptic events, it was 11.5% and both were statistically different (P=.006 for epileptic events; P<.001 for nonepileptic events). Pediatric neurologists with longer working years had higher diagnostic accuracy; whereas, their working hospital level and educational background made no difference. For patients with paroxysmal events, at least US $673.90 per capita and US $128 million nationwide could be saved annually, which is 12.02% of the total cost for correct diagnosis.


Home videos made on mobile phones are a cost-effective tool for the diagnosis of paroxysmal events in infants. They can facilitate the diagnosis of paroxysmal events in infants and thereby save costs. The best choice for infants with paroxysmal events on their initial visit is to record their events first and then show the video to a neurologist with longer working years through online consultation.
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