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Prostheses satisfaction and diet of elderly wearing a single implant overdenture: A six-month assessment.

Carletti, Talita Malini; Pinheiro, Mayara Abreu; Meira, Ingrid Andrade; Amaral, Camilla Fraga; Rodrigues Garcia, Renata Cunha Matheus.
Spec Care Dentist; 39(5): 471-477, 2019 Sep.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31368121


To compare prosthesis satisfaction and nutritional intake of edentulous elderly people wearing a conventional complete denture (CD) with those wearing a single implant mandibular overdenture (SIO) after 6 months of use. METHODS AND


Completely edentulous elderly patients (n = 22) were divided between a group rehabilitated with CDs in both dental arches and a group receiving a mandibular SIO with a conventional CD in the upper arch (n = 11/group). Patients completed a visual analog scale for degree of satisfaction with their prostheses in seven categories. Nutritional intake of patients (based on patient diaries) was evaluated over a 3-day period. SIO wearers were more satisfied with their prostheses than were CD wearers. Six months after rehabilitation, the SIO group consumed foods higher in vitamins B2 and B6, whereas the CD group consumed more sodium.


SIO wearers are more satisfied with their prosthesis and consume greater amounts of vitamin B2 and vitamin B6 in their diets than CD wearers. Brazilian Registry of Clinical Trials (#RBR-3kgttj and #RBR-37gdst).
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