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Scholarly output and the impact of self-citation among surgical fellowship program directors.

Yheulon, Christopher G; Schlussel, Andrew T; Ernat, Justin J; Cafasso, Danielle E; Carlson, Terri L; Gallagher, Margaret E; Kellicut, Dwight C.
Am J Surg; 2019 Jul 09.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31303252


The purpose of this study is to define the publication patterns and the impact of self-citation among program directors of surgical fellowships.


Program directors were identified through the respective fellowship accrediting council and association websites for eleven surgical subspecialties. Using the Scopus database, the number of publications, citations, self-citations, and h-indices were calculated.


781 program directors were identified. The mean number ±â€¯SD of publications, citations, and h-index for the cohort were 74.6 ±â€¯88.2, 2141 ±â€¯3486, and 18.8 ±â€¯14.5, respectively. The self-citation rate for the entire cohort was 3.17%. After excluding self-citations, the h-index remained unchanged for 72% of surgeons. After propensity score matching for h-index, colorectal surgeons (1.48%, p = 0.04) had significantly lower self-citation rates.


Overall, self-citation is infrequent among program directors of surgical fellowships. There is a lower rate of self-citation among colorectal surgeons when compared to program directors in other specialties with similar baseline metrics.
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