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Ultrafast nonlinear absorption enhancement of monolayer MoS2 with plasmonic Au nanoantennas.

Miao, Runlin; Shu, Zhiwen; Hu, Yuze; Tang, Yuxiang; Hao, Hao; You, Jie; Zheng, Xin; Cheng, Xiang'ai; Duan, Huigao; Jiang, Tian.
Opt Lett; 44(13): 3198-3201, 2019 Jul 01.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31259920
In this work, we experimentally study the nonlinear absorption enhancement of saturable absorption and two-photon absorption on a hybrid structure comprising a monolayer MoS2 and Au nanoantennas via femtosecond I-scan measurement. Specifically, a 13-fold increment in the linear absorption coefficient is attained at 1.85 eV, along with an 8-fold enhancement of the two-photon absorption coefficient at 1.65 eV, which is attributed to exciton-plasmon coupling resonance and plasmonic hot electron transfer. The exciton-plasmon coupling effect is characterized by stable photoluminescence experiments. Furthermore, the exciton recombination time is extracted from the pump-probe measurement, whose value in the hybrid structure is shortened from 18.5 ps (pure MoS2) to 1.84 ps. Our findings facilitate a new perspective to modulate the nonlinear optical response and to promote the performance of nonlinear photonic devices.
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