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Implant overdentures retained by self-aligning stud-type attachments: A clinical report.

Srinivasan, Murali; Kalberer, Nicole; Maniewicz, Sabrina; Müller, Frauke.
J Prosthet Dent; 123(1): 6-14, 2020 Jan.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31113663
The functionality of a new overdenture attachment (LOCATOR R-Tx) was described for different clinical situations a conventional mandibular implant overdenture (IOD) retained by 2 implants, a straightforward chairside maintenance procedure for replacing a worn LOCATOR (Legacy) attachment with the new LOCATOR R-Tx, and a complex clinical situation with nonideal implant positions with compromised parallelism. The LOCATOR R-Tx is an advance on the existing LOCATOR Legacy attachment and has an improved abutment head design with a more durable surface coating to prevent attachment wear and thereby reduce frequency of maintenance.
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