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Strong Binding and Off-On Signaling Functions of Deep-Red Fluorescent TO-PRO-3 for Influenza A Virus RNA Promoter Region.

Sato, Yusuke; Aiba, Yuri; Yajima, Sayaka; Tanabe, Takaaki; Higuchi, Kei; Nishizawa, Seiichi.
Chembiochem; 20(21): 2752-2756, 2019 Nov 04.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31106464
The RNA promoter region of the influenza A virus has recently attracted much attention as an RNA target for the development of anti-influenza drugs. However, there are very few reports on small RNA-binding ligands targeting this region. In this work, it is reported that TO-PRO-3, a thiazole orange analogue with a trimethine bridge, exhibits strong and selective binding to the internal loop structure of the influenza A virus RNA promoter. This binding accompanies the remarkable light-up response of TO-PRO-3 in the deep-red spectral region. By virtue of these binding and fluorescence signaling functions, TO-PRO-3 can act as a useful indicator for the assessment of the binding capabilities of various test compounds for this RNA region, with a view toward the development of anti-influenza drug candidates.
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