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Maminaishvili, T; Chkhikvishvili, I; Enukidze, M; Machavariani, M; Kipiani, Nana V; Sanikidze, T.
Georgian Med News; (288): 158-162, 2019 Mar.
Artigo em Russo | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31101797
The goal of our study was to establish the anti- proapoptotic activity of the common in Georgia crops on the Jurkat and MDCK cells. Extracts of various varieties of beans (Tirkmela, Batumi meadow, Shulavera, Udelebi, as well as green peas, Lens Culinaris lentils, soy beans) were added to the intact or incubated under oxidative stress conditions Jurkat and MDCK cells. Cell viability (apoptosis intensity) was determined by a cell proliferative activity test (MTT test). Correlation and statistical analysis of ANOVA was performed using the package (SPSS version 11.0). In the presented study the selective effectiveness of extracts with different antioxidant activity on intact and incubated under oxidative stress Jurkat and MDCK cells was revealed, related with different sensitivity of cells to the oxidative stress. In normal MDCK epithelial cells, resistant to redox-active factors (H2O2), inverse relationship between the intensity of apoptosis and the antiradical potential of the extract was found; in leukemia transformated Jurkat cells, characterized by high sensitivity to oxidants (H2O2), a violation of the redox-dependent anti-apoptotic cell protection mechanisms was revealed, which is manifested by the absence of regularity of the cytoprotective / cytotoxic effects of the extracts on intact and incubated cells under oxidative stress conditions. These results can be used in the development of schemes of anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory therapy.
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