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Laboratory efficacy of an oscillating-rotating toothbrush with a uniquely designed head and extremely tapered bristles.

Yankell, Samuel L; Spirgel, Christine M; Shi, Xiuren; Watcharotone, Supinda; Cwik, James.
Am J Dent; 32(2): 69-73, 2019 04.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31094140


This laboratory study compared a newly designed GUM oscillating-rotating power toothbrush with a unique head design that combines both standard nylon filament and extremely tapered filaments to the Oral-B oscillating-rotating-pulsating power toothbrush with the Precision Clean head and to the Oral-B Compact 35 Indicator manual toothbrush for their ability to reach and remove artificial plaque deposits from hard-to-reach interproximal and subgingival sites.


Interproximal access efficacy (IAE) was evaluated using an artificial plaque substrate placed around simulated teeth. Subgingival access efficacy (SAE) was determined by using simulated gingiva prepared with a 0.2 mm space between the gingiva and artificial plaque substrate covering the simulated teeth. Results were recorded on the same artificial plaque substrate placed under the gingiva and around the simulated teeth.


The overall IAE value for the new GUM oscillating-rotating power head indicated that it was significantly more effective compared to the Oral-B power and manual toothbrushes in interproximal access (P< 0.001). The mean value for SAE for the new and commercially available power products also were significantly more effective compared to the manual toothbrush in subgingival access (P< 0.001). CLINICAL


The presence of dental plaque at interproximal and subgingival sites will result in the development of gingivitis if not removed regularly and thoroughly. The demonstrated superior ability of the oscillating-rotating power toothbrush head to reach deeper into those sites versus the manual brush indicates that when used properly, the unique oscillating-rotating head with extremely tapered bristles may be effective for the treatment and prevention of gingivitis.
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