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Achievement of Reactor-Relevant Performance in Negative Triangularity Shape in the DIII-D Tokamak.

Austin, M E; Marinoni, A; Walker, M L; Brookman, M W; deGrassie, J S; Hyatt, A W; McKee, G R; Petty, C C; Rhodes, T L; Smith, S P; Sung, C; Thome, K E; Turnbull, A D.
Phys Rev Lett; 122(11): 115001, 2019 Mar 22.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30951344
Plasma discharges with a negative triangularity (δ=-0.4) shape have been created in the DIII-D tokamak with a significant normalized beta (ß_{N}=2.7) and confinement characteristic of the high confinement mode (H_{98y2}=1.2) despite the absence of an edge pressure pedestal and no edge localized modes (ELMs). These inner-wall-limited plasmas have a similar global performance as a positive triangularity (δ=+0.4) ELMing H-mode discharge with the same plasma current, elongation and cross sectional area. For cases both of dominant electron cyclotron heating with T_{e}/T_{i}>1 and dominant neutral beam injection heating with T_{e}/T_{i}=1, turbulent fluctuations over radii 0.5<ρ<0.9 were reduced by 10-50% in the negative triangularity shape compared to the matching positive triangularity shape, depending on the radius and conditions.
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