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Transfer printing of vertical-type microscale light-emitting diode array onto flexible substrate using biomimetic stamp.

Park, J B; Choi, W S; Chung, T H; Lee, S H; Kwak, M K; Ha, J S; Jeong, T.
Opt Express; 27(5): 6832-6841, 2019 Mar 04.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30876260
We report the transfer printing of GaN-based microscale vertical-type light-emitting diodes (µ-VLEDs) using a functional layer and a biomimetic stamp. An oxide-based functional layer is inserted onto the structure of a µ-VLED and used to separate the chip from the µ-VLED wafer by absorbing the pulse of a UV pulse laser during pick-up of the transfer printing process. Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS)-based biomimetic stamps have been fabricated to mimic the gecko lizard cilia for improved adhesion and repeatability. The biomimetic stamp has an adhesion force of 25.6 N/cm2, which is 12 times the adhesion of a flat stamp; an adhesion force of 10 N/cm2 or more was maintained after 100,000 repeated adhesion tests. A flexible 10 × 10 prototype array on a polyimide substrate was fabricated, and its bending test results indicated that the strain effect on the forward voltage and the output power was less than 1%. The stable bending test results of the prototype indicate that µ-VLEDs using biomimetic stamps allow the necessary stability for practical transfer printing.
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