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Edutainment: A Creative Solution for School-Based Preventive Screening Orientation in Missouri.

Cox, Carol.
Creat Nurs; 24(4): 215-219, 2018 Nov.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30567962
School nurses provide routine formal vision and hearing health screenings to school children. However, time available during the school day for nurses to visit elementary classrooms and conduct pre-screening education and orientation is limited. A group of school nurses in Missouri needed an age-appropriate and time-saving method to introduce and orient children to the equipment, materials, and procedures that will be used on screening day. The school nurses collaborated with a health education specialist at a state university to develop two e-learning edutainment programs (one for vision screening and one for hearing screening) following best practices for educational design of e-learning programs. Edutainment is an e-learning technology that mixes education and entertainment using sound, video, and pictures. Edutainment is used to attract student attention through an enjoyable computer-based interaction to encourage focus on lesson content. The edutainment programs developed can be used by students at their own pace on their school-provided or personal devices, and/or the teacher can play the program module to the entire class as a group activity.
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