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Colorectal cancer-the history and current status of clinical and research-.

Homma, Shigenori; Yoshida, Tadashi; Ichikawa, Nobuki; Kawamura, Hideki; Taketomi, Akinobu.
Nihon Rinsho; 74(11): 1781-1785, 2016 11.
Artigo em Japonês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30550681
The history of clinical and research of colorectal cancer, beginning from surgery therapy, a variety of fields have evolved from there, the results have been stacked. Safety of the establishment and the usefulness of the proof of the surgery, the development of diagnostic methods, advances in chemotherapy, the discovery of hereditary colon cancer, due to the development and application of basic research to support these, research and treatment results for colorectal cancer. It has been made great strides. Advances in establishment and chemotherapy safe surgical treatment, even for colorectal cancer has been considered to unresectable ever, it has become possible to perform a surgical treatment in combination with perioperative chemotherapy. In addition, even for recurrent colon cancer, by combining the surgery therapy sure to allow timing as well as chemotherapy, likely to be observed extension of further survival are coming out Occurrence for colorectal cancer, by the elucidation of the treatment mechanism, to expect that the study of the optimization of colon cancer treatment progresses.
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