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Dental students' learning attitudes and perceptions of YouTube as a lecture video hosting platform in a flipped classroom in Korea.

Seo, Chang Wan; Cho, A Ra; Park, Jung Chul; Cho, Hag Yeon; Kim, Sun.
J Educ Eval Health Prof; 15: 24, 2018.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30317831


The aim of this study was to confirm the applicability of YouTube as a delivery platform of lecture videos for dental students and to assess their learning attitudes towards the flipped classroom model.


Learning experiences after using the YouTube platform to deliver preliminary video lectures in a flipped classroom were assessed by 69 second-year students (52 males, 17 females) at Dankook College of Dentistry, Korea, who attended periodontology lectures during 2 consecutive semesters of the 2016 academic year. The instructor uploaded the lecture videos to YouTube before each class. At the end of the second semester, the students were surveyed using a questionnaire devised by the authors.


Of the students, 53 (76.8%) always watched the lecture before the class, 48 (69.6%) used their smartphones, and 66 (95.7%) stated that they watched the lectures at home. The majority of the students replied that the video lectures were easier to understand than in-person lectures (82.6%) and that they would like to view the videos again after graduation (73.9%).


Our results indicate that YouTube is an applicable platform to deliver video lectures and to expose students to increased learning opportunities.
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