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Application of Merleau-Pontyan perspective on the physical and psychological implications of venous ulcers.

Joaquim, Fabiana Lopes; Silva, Rose Mary Costa Rosa Andrade; Pereira, Eliane Ramos; Garcia-Caro, Maria Paz; Cruz-Quintana, Francisco.
Rev Bras Enferm; 71(5): 2469-2476, 2018.
Artigo em Inglês, Português | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30304178


to verify the application of the Merleau-Pontyan perspective on the physical and psychological implications of chronic venous ulcers in the existence of people who experience the disease.


a qualitative study, of the descriptive phenomenological type, developed with 36 patients. The field of investigation was the Outpatient Clinic of Wound Repair of the Hospital Universitário Antônio Pedro. The collection occurred from June to December 2016, through a phenomenological interview.


the experiences inherent in people who have venous ulcers pass through the world and "return" to the body itself, reflecting on the biopsychosocial aspects and the sensitivity left on the being.


the biological characteristics of the subject affected by the venous ulcer have repercussions on their physical aspect, promoting influences along with the emotional and social changes originating from the clinical picture on the social aspects and consequently reverberating on the quality of life of this individual.
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