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Development and validation of a simple tool for the assessment of home noninvasive ventilation: the S3-NIV questionnaire.

Dupuis-Lozeron, Elise; Gex, Grégoire; Pasquina, Patrick; Bridevaux, Pierre-Olivier; Borel, Jean-Christian; Soccal, Paola M; Windisch, Wolfram; Pépin, Jean-Louis; Janssens, Jean-Paul; Adler, Dan.
Eur Respir J; 52(5)2018 11.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30262577
Patient-centred outcomes are significantly modified by long-term home noninvasive ventilation (NIV), but a short, self-administered, specific tool for routine clinical assessment is lacking. The aim of this study was to develop and validate the S3-NIV questionnaire, a short questionnaire to measure respiratory symptoms, sleep quality and NIV-related side effects.Patients with stable disease who were under long-term home NIV were recruited from three outpatient NIV services. Questionnaire development consisted of a selection of core items for analysis, followed by item reduction, validation and test-retest reliability.338 patients completed a 22-item questionnaire. 11 items were removed because of non-scalability (n=2), redundancy (n=8) and lack of fit (n=1). The final version of the S3-NIV questionnaire consisted of 11 items covering two dimensions "respiratory symptoms" (Cronbach's α=0.84) and "sleep & NIV-related side effects" (Cronbach's α=0.77). Convergent validity was high between the "respiratory symptoms" subscale of the S3-NIV questionnaire and the St George's Respiratory Questionnaire (rho= -0.76, p<0.001), and between the "sleep & NIV-related side effects" subscale and the Quebec Sleep Questionnaire (rho=0.51, p<0.001). The S3-NIV questionnaire had good test--retest reliability after 4 weeks (intraclass correlation coefficient=0.72).The S3-NIV questionnaire is a short, valid and repeatable self-completed tool for the routine clinical assessment of patients undergoing home NIV.
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