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Reconstruction of multiple non-line-of-sight objects using back projection based on ellipsoid mode decomposition.

Jin, Chenfei; Xie, Jiaheng; Zhang, Siqi; Zhang, ZiJing; Zhao, Yuan.
Opt Express; 26(16): 20089-20101, 2018 Aug 06.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30119324
Non-line-of-sight imaging has attracted more attentions for its wide applications. Even though ultrasensitive cameras/detectors with high time-resolution are available, current back-projection methods are still powerless to acquire a satisfying reconstruction of multiple hidden objects due to severe aliasing artifacts. Here, a novel back-projection method is developed to reconstruct multiple hidden objects. Our method considers decomposing all the ellipsoids in a confidence map into several "clusters" belonging to different objects (namely "ellipsoid mode decomposition"), and then reconstructing the objects individually from their ellipsoid modes by filtering and thresholding, respectively. Importantly, the simulated and experimental results demonstrate that this method can effectively eliminate the impacts of aliasing artifacts and exhibits potential advantages in separating, locating and recovering multiple hidden objects, which might be a good base for reconstructing complex non-line-of-sight scenes.
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