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Neutrophil elastase and myeloperoxidase mRNA expression in overweight and obese subjects.

Ali, Mohammad; Jasmin, Shahana; Fariduddin, Mohammad; Alam, Sheikh M K; Arslan, M I; Biswas, Subrata K.
Mol Biol Rep; 45(5): 1245-1252, 2018 Oct.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30056589
Neutrophil elastase and myeloperoxidase enzymes have been implicated in high-fat diet-induced obesity, insulin resistance (IR) and atherosclerosis in animal models. The aim of the present study was to explore neutrophil elastase and myeloperoxidase mRNA expressions in the peripheral blood leukocytes (PBL) in overweight and obese subjects, and to correlate those mRNA expressions with BMI, IR and cardiovascular biomarkers. In this cross-sectional study, 74 apparently healthy subjects including 22 lean, 27 overweight and 25 obese subjects were recruited. Cardiovascular and metabolic biomarkers were evaluated from fasting blood samples. The mRNA levels of neutrophil elastase and myeloperoxidase genes in the PBL were quantified by real-time PCR. Compared to lean group, the overweight and obese groups showed significant upregulation of both neutrophil elastase (p < 0.001) and myeloperoxidase (p < 0.03) mRNA expressions in the PBL. But no difference was found between overweight and obese groups. The neutrophil elastase and myeloperoxidase mRNA levels showed significant positive correlation with BMI, serum triglyceride, atherogenic index of plasma and 10-year risk of developing cardiovascular disease. But no correlation was found with glucose, insulin or IR. It was concluded that the neutrophil elastase and myeloperoxidase genes are up-regulated in both overweight and obese subjects and are associated with BMI and markers of cardiovascular disease.
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