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[Complex enzyme combined with ultrasound extraction technology, physicochemical properties and antioxidant activity of Hedysarum polysaccharides].

Yang, Xiu-Yan; Xue, Zhi-Yuan; Yang, Ya-Fei; Fang, Yao-Yao; Zhou, Xiang-Lin; Zhao, Liang-Gong; Feng, Shi-Lan.
Zhongguo Zhong Yao Za Zhi; 43(11): 2261-2268, 2018 Jun.
Artigo em Chinês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29945377
In this study, complex enzymes combined with ultrasonic extraction technology(MC) were used, to select optimal extraction combinations by single factor and orthogonal test, with Hedysarum polysaccharides yield and content as the comprehensive indexes. The components, physicochemical properties and antioxidant activity of Hedysarum polysaccharides from complex enzyme combined with ultrasonic extraction(HPS-MC)and the Hedysarum polysaccharides from hot water extraction(HPS-R)were analyzed. The results showed that:complex enzymes had significant effect on the yield and content of Hedysarum polysaccharides, and the ultrasonic power could significantly improve the content of Hedysarum polysaccharides. The optimum technological parameters were as follows complex enzyme ratio 11, ultrasonic power 105 W, ultrasonic time 60 min, and enzymatic hydrolysis pH 5, achieving (14.01±0.64)% and (92.45±1.47)% respectively for the yield and content of Polysaccharides. As compared with HPS-R, the molecular weight, absolute viscosity and protein content of HPS-MC were decreased, while the content of uronic acid was increased. In the antioxidant system, the concentration of polysaccharide was within the range of 1-7 g·L⁻¹; the antioxidant activity of HPS-MC was higher than that of HPS-R, and HPS-MC (80%) with the lowest molecular weight showed a significant dose effect relationship with the increase of the experimental concentration. In conclusion, MC is a simple, convenient, economical and environmentally friendly extraction technology, and the Hedysarum polysaccharides extracted by this method have obvious antioxidant activity.
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