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Profile of intrusive luxation and healing complications in deciduous and permanent teeth - a retrospective study.

Soares, Thais Rodrigues Campos; Silva, Luciana Pereira; Salazar, Sabrina Loren de Almeida; Luiz, Ronir Raggio; Risso, Patrícia de Andrade; Maia, Lucianne Cople.
Acta Odontol Scand; 76(8): 567-571, 2018 Nov.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29909718


This retrospective study analyse the profile of intrusion in deciduous (DT) and permanent teeth (PT), the occurrence of healing complications (HC), type of treatments and predisposing factors.


The records of patients attended from 2005 to 2011 were analysed. Records of patients who had one or more intruded DT or PT were included in the study. Data collected from dental records included age, gender, attendance (immediate/mediate), healing complications and type of treatment. A Chi-square test and Logistic regression (p ≤ .05) were performed to evaluate the associations between the type of teeth and presence of HC, as well as to explore the interactions between predisposing factors.


The intrusion prevalence was 9.98% in DT and 2.45% in PT. Partial intrusion (57.3%) with palatal direction of the crown (61.8%) was most prevalent in DT, while complete intrusion (56.7%) with buccal direction of the crown (58.1%) was predominant for PT. Mobility was the most common HC in DT compared to root resorption in PT. Minimally invasive treatments were the most common therapy for DT compared to invasive treatments for PT. PT demonstrated increased HC when compared to DT (p = .004). A logistic regression illustrated that the level of intrusion and crown direction during the trauma did not influence the occurrence of HC (p > .05).


Intrusion's profile in DT and PT are different. PT showed more HC than DT, however the level of intrusion and crown direction were not associated with the presence of HC.
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