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The Association of Statin Therapy with Incident Diabetes: Evidence, Mechanisms, and Recommendations.

Agarwala, A; Kulkarni, S; Maddox, T.
Curr Cardiol Rep; 20(7): 50, 2018 05 19.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29779165
PURPOSE OF REVIEW Recent studies have demonstrated a higher risk of incident diabetes associated with statin use, causing concern among patients and clinicians. In this review, we will assess the evidence and proposed mechanisms behind statin therapy and its association with incident diabetes. We will then review the current recommendations for statin use in light of this association and suggest next steps for clinicians managing these patients and researchers exploring this phenomenon. RECENT


The annual risk of developing new-onset diabetes with statin treatment is approximately 0.1%. In comparison, the absolute risk reduction of major coronary events with statin use is approximately 0.42% annually. Statins are associated with the development of incident diabetes, particularly among those with predisposing risk factors for diabetes. However, the benefit of statin use among these patients in preventing major coronary events strongly favors statin use despite its risk of incident diabetes.
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