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Recurrent Bleedings in Newborn: A Factor VII Deficiency Case Report.

Cattivelli, Kim; Distefano, Cristina; Bonetti, Lorenza; Testa, Sophie; Siboni, Simona Maria; Plebani, Alessandro; Poggiani, Carlo.
Transfus Med Hemother; 45(2): 104-106, 2018 Apr.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29765293


Major hemorrhages in newborns can be caused by several conditions, and knowledge of the differential diagnosis is essential in order to ensure prompt recognition and appropriate treatment.Case Report: We describe the case of a male newborn experiencing recurrent hemorrhages from the first days of life. Laboratory findings showed normal platelet count, hepatic function, and C-reactive protein. Coagulation tests detected an isolated prothrombin time (PT) prolongation and severe factor VII (FVII) deficiency.


Inherited FVII deficiency is a rare autosomal recessive bleeding disorder. Clinical presentation is heterogeneous, and bleeding severity is not directly related to FVII levels. Acute bleeding episodes can be treated with human plasma-derived FVII (pdFVII) or recombinant activated FVII (rFVIIa). In case of severe deficiency, prophylaxis must be evaluated. Awareness of this condition is crucial in order to establish prompt diagnosis and treatment.
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