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A chicken liver cell line efficiently supports the replication of ALV-J possibly through its high level viral receptor and efficient protein expression system.

Li, Tuofan; Xie, Jing; Lv, Lu; Sun, Shu; Dong, Xiaomei; Xie, Quan; Liang, Guangcheng; Xia, Chichao; Shao, Hongxia; Qin, Aijian; Ye, Jianqiang.
Vet Res; 49(1): 41, 2018 05 02.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29720272
In this study, we identified a chicken liver cell line (LMH) which could strongly support the replication of ALV-J (Subgroup J of avian leukosis virus) with high viral titer. Notably, ALV-J was efficiently detected by ELISA in LMH cells 1 day before DF1 cells. In comparison with DF1 cells, LMH cells not only expressed higher levels of ALV-J receptor chNHE-1, but also possessed a more efficient protein expression system for foreign genes. Thus, LMH cells could be a novel tool to shorten the ALV-J eradication approach and accelerate studies on the pathogenesis and oncogenesis of ALV-J.
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