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AIM interneurons mediate feeding suppression through the TYRA-2 receptor in C. elegans.

Fu, Jiajun; Zhang, Haining; Huang, Wenming; Zhu, Xinyu; Sheng, Yi; Song, Eli; Xu, Tao.
Biophys Rep; 4(1): 17-24, 2018.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29577066
Feeding behavior is the most fundamental behavior in C. elegans. Our previous results have dissected the central integration circuit for the regulation of feeding, which integrates opposing sensory inputs and regulates feeding behavior in a nonlinear manner. However, the peripheral integration that acts downstream of the central integration circuit to modulate feeding remains largely unknown. Here, we find that a Gαi/o-coupled tyramine receptor, TYRA-2, is involved in peripheral feeding suppression. TYRA-2 suppresses feeding behavior via the AIM interneurons, which receive tyramine/octopamine signals from RIM/RIC neurons in the central integration circuit. Our results reveal previously unidentified roles for the receptor TYRA-2 and the AIM interneurons in feeding regulation, providing a further understanding of how biogenic amines tyramine and octopamine regulate feeding behavior.
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