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Will a chlorhexidine-fluoride mouthwash reduce plaque and gingivitis?

Elkerbout, T A; Slot, D E; Van Loveren, C; Van der Weijden, G A.
Int J Dent Hyg; 2018 Mar 07.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29512317
FOCUS QUESTION: What is the efficacy of a chlorhexidine (CHX) mouthwash (MW) containing sodium fluoride (NaF) compared to a CHX - MW alone on the parameters of plaque, gingivitis and discoloration? MATERIAL AND METHODS: MEDLINE-PubMed, Cochrane-CENTRAL, and EMBASE were searched for papers from inception to December 2017. The inclusion criteria were (randomized) controlled clinical trials conducted in human subjects with good general health and without removable prosthesis. Papers evaluating the effect of a MW containing CHX + NaF compared to a CHX alone were included. From the eligible studies, data were extracted, a descriptive analysis was performed and a meta-analysis when feasible.


Independent screening of 412 unique papers resulted in 9 eligible publications presenting 10 clinical trials comparing the effect of CHX + NaF to CHX - MW and provided 13 comparisons. Five evaluated the MW as an adjunct to brushing and 8 were non-brushing comparisons of which 4 used an experimental gingivitis model. No significant difference was observed for plaque score reduction in the brushing studies the end scores (diffM; -0.04, P = .36; 95%CI: [-0.13, 0.05]) nor the differences (diffM; 0.11, P = .33; 95%CI: [-0.12, 0.24]). In the descriptive analysis, none of the experiments demonstrated a statistical significant difference regarding Gingival Index (GI), Bleeding Score and Discoloration Scores. For the GI, a meta-analysis of the difference of Means was not significant when included experimental gingivitis model studies end scores (0.01, P = .78; 95%CI: [-0.08, 0.11]) and the difference (0.01, P = .81; 9 5%CI: [-0.08, 0.10]) either for the end scores of brushing studies (diffM; -0.01, P = .82; 95%CI: [-0.10, 0.08]).


From this study, it can be concluded that NaF and CHX may be present in the same MW without reducing CHX efficacy with respect to plaque and gingivitis scores. Moreover, no difference in the development of tooth discoloration was observed.
Selo DaSilva