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Chronic venous leg ulcer care: Putting the patient at the heart of leg ulcer care. Part 1: exploring the consultation.

Green, Julie; Jester, Rebecca; McKinley, Robert; Pooler, Alison.
Br J Community Nurs; 23(Sup3): S30-S38, 2018 Mar 02.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29493307
This article, the first of two, summarises a study that explored the lived experiences of patients with leg ulcers and the impact of this condition on their quality of life. The study had four study phases; phases 1 and 2 employed qualitative methods and are reported here. Initially, unstructured interviews were held; these revealed significant issues for the patients including the dominance of pain, issues relating to exudate and odour, social isolation and psychological effects. A checklist based on these issues was completed by the researcher during observations of routine care for these same patients; this revealed the extent and depth to which these matters were addressed. On many occasions, significant issues were not disclosed or explored during consultations. These findings confirmed that participants with chronic venous leg ulcers have concerns far beyond wound care.
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