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Evaluation of α-glucosidase inhibiting potentials with docking calculations of synthesized arylidene-pyrazolones.

Chaudhry, Faryal; Naureen, Sadia; Choudhry, Shahnaz; Huma, Rahila; Ashraf, Muhammad; Al-Rashida, Mariya; Jahan, Bakhat; Hyder Khan, Masooma; Iqbal, Farah; Ali Munawar, Munawar; Ain Khan, Misbahul.
Bioorg Chem; 77: 507-514, 2018 04.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29454828
Herein, condensation of aryl(hetaryl)pyrazole-4-carbaldehydes 1(a-c) with substituted pyrazolones 2(a-d) lead to the corresponding arylidene-pyrazolones 3(a-l) which were tested against α-glucosidase enzyme. The synthesized compounds displayed moderate to good activity. Among these, a coumarin derivative 3k exhibited excellent results (IC50 2.10 ±â€¯0.004 µM) in comparison to clinical drug acarbose (IC50 37.38 ±â€¯0.12 µM). The ligand-protein interactions were identified through docking and stabilizing energy calculations.
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