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Thirty Years of Research on Gay Men and HIV Prevention in France: A Narrative Review of the Literature.

Girard, Gabriel; Doré, Véronique.
Arch Sex Behav; 47(5): 1341-1349, 2018 07.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29417262
Research on homosexuality and HIV/AIDS in the social sciences has evolved into a vast and multiform field of study since the beginning of the epidemic in the Global North. Studies from France in this domain have remained relatively unknown at the international level. This article offers a narrative review of publications that resulted from research on homosexuality and HIV/AIDS, from 1985 to 2016. It offers an analysis of how the constitution of a field of research conditions the ways scientific questions are asked (and answered). This epistemological concern is addressed through a sociohistorical contextualization of the main issues surrounding prevention and how they have been addressed by researchers in France. A review of French publications on HIV prevention among gay men reveals certain specificities. In terms of the social science disciplines, psychology and psychoanalysis are much less present in this domain, whereas epidemiology, sociology, and anthropology are the most represented. The works analyzed in this article also reveal the circulation and local adaptations of risk categories imported from the English-speaking world, such as "relapse" and "bareback." Regardless, research on HIV prevention in France largely evolved contemporaneously in the same way that it did elsewhere.
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