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Needle-Tissue Interaction Force State Estimation for Robotic Surgical Suturing.

Jackson, Russell C; Desai, Viraj; Castillo, Jean P; Çavusoglu, M Cenk.
Rep U S; 2016: 3659-3664, 2016 Oct.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29214097
Robotically Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery (RAMIS) offers many advantages over manual surgical techniques. Most of the limitations of RAMIS stem from its non-intuitive user interface and costs. One way to mitigate some of the limitations is to automate surgical subtasks (e.g. suturing) such that they are performed faster while allowing the surgeon to plan the next step of the procedure. One component of successful suture automation is minimizing the internal tissue deformation forces generated by driving a needle through tissue. Minimizing the internal tissue forces requires segmenting the tissue deformation forces from other components of the needle tissue interaction (e.g. friction force). This paper proposes an Unscented Kalman Filter which can successfully model the force components, in particular the internal deformation force, generated by a needle as it is driven through a sample of tissue.
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