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Prevalence of NS5B resistance-associated variants in treatment-naïve Asian patients with chronic hepatitis C.

Yang, Song; Xing, Huichun; Feng, Shenghu; Ju, Wei; Liu, Shunai; Wang, Xiaomei; Ou, Weini; Cheng, Jun; Pan, Calvin Q.
Arch Virol; 163(2): 467-473, 2018 Feb.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29143142
There is little information on the association between baseline non-structural protein (NS) 5b resistance-associated variants (RAVs) and treatment failure in hepatitis C patients. This study examined the frequencies of natural hepatitis C virus (HCV) NS5B resistance-associated variants (RAVs) in an Asian cohort. Samples from Asian HCV patients enrolled between October 2009 and September 2014 were analyzed for NS5B RAVs within the region from amino acid 230 to 371. Serum samples were tested by PCR genotyping, with sequence alignment performed using the neighbor-joining method. NS5B was detected by Sanger sequencing followed by Geno2pheno analysis. NS5B RAVs were detected in 80.52% (1199/1489) of patients; 68.4% (1019/1489) and 79.7% (1186/1489) were associated with resistance to sofosbuvir (SOF) and dasabuvir (DSV), respectively. These RAVs were present in 95% (1004/1058) of genotype 1b patients. When genotypes 1b and 2a were compared, SOF-associated RAVs were detected at a higher frequency in genotype 1b (94.8% [1004/1058] vs. 2.9% [9/309]; χ2 = 1054.433, P < 0.001), C316H/N was more common in genotype 1b (94.7% [1002/1058] vs. 0% [0/309]; χ2 = 1096.014, P < 0.001), M289F/L/I/W/V had a higher frequency in genotype 2a (0.7% [7/309] vs. 2.3% [7/1058]; χ2 = 4.589, P = 0.032), DSV-associated RAVs were most often found in genotype 1b (95.0% [1005/1058] vs. 40.1% 124/309]; χ2 = 500.577, P < 0.001), and frequency of C316Y/H/N/W was higher in genotype 1b (94.7% [1002/1058] vs. 0% [0/309]; χ2 = 1096.014, P < 0.001). In conclusion, baseline SOF and DSV RAVs are common in Asian HCV patients and predominantly occur in genotype 1b.
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