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Phandango: an interactive viewer for bacterial population genomics.

Hadfield, James; Croucher, Nicholas J; Goater, Richard J; Abudahab, Khalil; Aanensen, David M; Harris, Simon R.
Bioinformatics; 2017 Sep 25.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29028899


Fully exploiting the wealth of data in current bacterial population genomics datasets requires synthesising and integrating different types of analysis across millions of base pairs in hundreds or thousands of isolates. Current approaches often use static representations of phylogenetic, epidemiological, statistical and evolutionary analysis results that are difficult to relate to one another. Phandango is an interactive application running in a web browser allowing fast exploration of large-scale population genomics datasets combining the output from multiple genomic analysis methods in an intuitive and interactive manner.Availability: Phandango is a web application freely available for use at and includes a diverse collection of datasets as examples. Source code together with a detailed wiki page is available on GitHub at,
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