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Immediate Dental Implant Placement After Removal of Complex Odontoma.

de Souza Batista, Fábio Roberto; de Souza Batista, Victor Eduardo; Vechiato-Filho, Aljomar José; Tieghi Neto, Victor; Figueira, Jéssica Araújo; Verri, Fellippo Ramos.
J Craniofac Surg; 28(8): e737-e738, 2017 Nov.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-28922246
The aim of the authors was to report a clinical case about immediate implant placement after the removal of complex odontoma. A 35-year-old female patient presented to private service complaining about absence of lower right first premolar. The computed tomographic showed radiopaque attenuation, surrounded by a narrow radiolucency in the area of dental absence, suggesting a mineralized lesion. The surgical removal of lesion was performed by intraoral access with general anesthesia and the implant of 3.75 × 10 mm (Neodent) was placed with the aid of a surgical guide, following the drill sequence established by the manufacturer. No complications were observed after 1 year with the prosthetic rehabilitation.
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