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Trabecular Bone Score en complément à l'absorptiométrie radiologique biphotonique dans l'évaluation du risque fracturaire en routine clinique. / [Use of Trabecular Bone Score as a complementary approach to DXA for fracture risk assessment in clinical practice].

Hans, Didier; Shevroja, Enisa; Lamy, Olivier.
Rev Med Suisse; 13(559): 844-850, 2017 Apr 19.
Artigo em Francês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-28727341
Physicians can assess the risk of fracture based on bone density (BMD) and several risk factors. Some of them and BMD are incorporated into FRAX, an assessment tool that estimates the 10-years probability of fracture. BMD didn't take into account the microarchitecture. TBS is a texture parameter related to bone microarchitecture. A low TBS is associated with a history of fracture and the incidence of new fracture independently of BMD, clinical risk factors and FRAX. TBS is yet integrated in the FRAX tool, and this effect is of greatest utility for individuals who are close to an intervention threshold. It is particularly useful for the evaluation of secondary osteoporosis, including type 2 diabetes, Gluco-corticoïd induced osteoporosis. It responds to osteoporosis treatments and is not influenced by lumbar degenerative disorders.
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