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Du déficit en thiamine à l'encéphalopathie de Gayet-Wernicke, pathologie méconnue. / [From thiamine deficiency to Wernicke encephalopathy, unknown pathology].

Farquet, Valérie; Alvarez, Veronica; Biselx, Stéphane; Coutaz, Martial.
Rev Med Suisse; 13(549): 382-384, 2017 Feb 08.
Artigo em Francês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-28708361
The thiamine deficiency and its clinical consequences, especially the Wernicke encephalopathy, are still often not diagnosed. The etiologies are numerous, but the most frequent is the alcohol dependence. The diagnostic is mainly clinical and the treatment must be started as soon as possible by substituting the thiamine with intravenous injection.
Selo DaSilva