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Le point sur la tuberculose multirésistante en Suisse. / [Update on multidrug resistant tuberculosis in Switzerland].

Knuchel, Judith; Lador, Frédéric; Soccal, Paola M; Janssens, Jean-Paul.
Rev Med Suisse; 12(539): 1948-1954, 2016 Nov 16.
Artigo em Francês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-28696636
Multi-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) is a world-wide public-health problem with about half a million cases/year (of a total of 9 million cases of TB). Patients at highest risk for MDR-TB are those who have already been treated. Among other risk factors are contact with an index case of MDR-TB, being a migrant, and originating from a country with a high incidence of MDR-TB. Switzerland has had so far a relatively small number of MDR-TB cases, with a slight increase over the past few years. Use of PCR and genotypic antibiograms allow a rapid detection of MDR-TB cases as well as initiating a more adapted treatment, which must however be finally adjusted on the basis of the phenotypic antibiogram. Treatment is long, costly and tedious, even if, based on recent data, there is a hope for shorter treatments (9­12 months).
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