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Features of the immunohistochemical characteristics of primary tumors and recurrences of breast cancer after radical treatment.

Prystash, Yurij Y.
Wiad Lek; 70(2): 227-230, 2017.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-28511166


Appearance of Recurrence (RC) of breast cancer (BC) is associated with a high risk of distant metastases, needs re-treatment and indicates the tumor aggressiveness. It has been remained unclear the molecular characteristics both of the RC and primary tumors in patients with invasive forms of breast cancer after mastectomy by Madden.


To explore the changing of the receptor status of the primary tumor and local RC in patients with breast cancer.


Immunohistochemical study were conducted on 262 patients with invasive breast cancer. Patients were divided into two groups: only local RC - 131 women and primary tumors of patients without local RC - also 131 persons.


The difference of the receptor status of the tumors is presented. In the group of patients with recurrent "triplet negative" cancer and patients with positive reaction of epidermal growth factor (HER2neo) is more than 15.2%. In patients where RC (control group in the study) was not observed we have the mass greater proportion of tumors with positive hormone receptors in various combinations.


Relapses are accompanied by lower levels of hormone receptors and increasing the frequency of "triplet negative" cancer as well as increasing of epidermal growth factor.
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