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Atenção primária à saúde e coordenação do cuidado nas regiões de saúde: perspectiva de gestores e usuários. / Atenção primária à saúde e coordenação do cuidado nas regiões de saúde: perspectiva de gestores e usuários. / Primary health care and the coordination of care in health regions: managers' and users' perspective.

Bousquat, Aylene; Giovanella, Ligia; Campos, Estela Márcia Saraiva; Almeida, Patty Fidelis de; Martins, Cleide Lavieri; Mota, Paulo Henrique Dos Santos; Mendonça, Maria Helena Magalhães de; Medina, Maria Guadalupe; Viana, Ana Luiza d'Ávila; Fausto, Márcia Cristina Rodrigues; Paula, Daniel Baffini de.
Cien Saude Colet; 22(4): 1141-1154, 2017 Apr.
Artigo em Português, Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-28444041
This paper aims to analyze the healthcare coordination by Primary Health Care (PHC), with the backdrop of building a Health Care Network (RAS) in a region in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. We conducted a case study with qualitative and quantitative approaches, proceeding to the triangulation of data between the perception of managers and experience of users. We drew analysis realms and variables from the three pillars of healthcare coordination - informational, clinical and administrative/organizational. Stroke was the tracer event chosen and therapeutic itineraries were conducted with users and questionnaires applied to the managers. The central feature of the construction of the Health Care Network in the studied area is the prominence of a philanthropic organization. The results suggest fragility of PHC in healthcare coordination in all analyzed realms. Furthermore, we identified a public-private mix, in addition to services contracted from the Unified Health System (SUS), with out-of-pocket payments for specialist consultation, tests and rehabilitation. Much in the same way that there is no RAS without a robust PHC capable of coordinating care, PHC is unable to play its role without a solid regional arrangement and a virtuous articulation between the three federative levels.
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