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Experiencing Civil Unrest: Elder Voices on Ferguson.

Morrow-Howell, Nancy; Jackson, Clarissa; Lewis-Harris, Jacquelyn; Clark, Richelle; Clarke Ekong, Sheilah; Bostic, Briana.
J Gerontol Soc Work; 60(4): 256-269, 2017.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-28339351
Ferguson, Missouri became the center of the nation's attention when an unarmed African American teenager was killed by a Caucasian police officer. Civic unrest continued for weeks. The aim of this study was to learn how older adults experienced the social unrest. Ten focus groups were conducted with 73 participants. Eight themes were identified. Issues related to safety were most commonly discussed. Participants reported a breakdown in intergenerational communications and expressed a desire for more exchange. Findings are being discussed with relevant organizations to increase the involvement of older adults in on-going community development efforts and to provide opportunities for intergenerational dialogue.
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