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Discursos sobre a terapia de curta duração para o controle da tuberculose. / Discursos sobre a terapia de curta duração para o controle da tuberculose. / Discourses on short-coursetherapy for tuberculosis control.

Mitano, Fernando; Sicsú, Amélia Nunes; Lima, Mônica Cristina Ribeiro Alexandre D Auria de; Peruhype, Rarianne Carvalho; Protti, Simone Terezinha; Palha, Pedro Fredemir.
Rev Bras Enferm; 70(1): 126-132, 2017.
Artigo em Português, Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-28226051


: to analyze the meanings produced through the experiences and perceptions of healthcare professionals on the implementation of the strategy of directly observed treatment short course for tuberculosis control.


: qualitative study carried out in Mozambique with 15 healthcare professionals. Inclusion criteriawerehaving acted in the Tuberculosis Control Program for more than one year, and exercising professional activity at the time of interview. A semi-structured script was used for data collection, and individual interviews were recorded.


: three discursive units emerged: patient treatment procedures; community health agent and family roles; difficulties in the application of directly observed treatment short course.


: treatment of tuberculosis requires constant involvement of the family, community, and especially the State in the creation and implementation of personnel training policies and infrastructure improvement.
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