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Galactosylation of IgA1 Is Associated with Common Variation in C1GALT1.

Gale, Daniel P; Molyneux, Karen; Wimbury, David; Higgins, Patricia; Levine, Adam P; Caplin, Ben; Ferlin, Anna; Yin, Peiran; Nelson, Christopher P; Stanescu, Horia; Samani, Nilesh J; Kleta, Robert; Yu, Xueqing; Barratt, Jonathan.
J Am Soc Nephrol; 28(7): 2158-2166, 2017 Jul.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-28209808
IgA nephropathy (IgAN), an important cause of kidney failure, is characterized by glomerular IgA deposition and is associated with changes in O-glycosylation of the IgA1 molecule. Here, we sought to identify genetic factors contributing to levels of galactose-deficient IgA1 (Gd-IgA1) in white and Chinese populations. Gd-IgA1 levels were elevated in IgAN patients compared with ethnically matched healthy subjects and correlated with evidence of disease progression. White patients with IgAN exhibited significantly higher Gd-IgA1 levels than did Chinese patients. Among individuals without IgAN, Gd-IgA1 levels did not correlate with kidney function. Gd-IgA1 level heritability (h2), estimated by comparing midparental and offspring Gd-IgA1 levels, was 0.39. Genome-wide association analysis by linear regression identified alleles at a single locus spanning the C1GALT1 gene that strongly associated with Gd-IgA1 level (ß=0.26; P=2.35×10-9). This association was replicated in a genome-wide association study of separate cohorts comprising 308 patients with membranous GN from the UK (P<1.00×10-6) and 622 controls with normal kidney function from the UK (P<1.00×10-10), and in a candidate gene study of 704 Chinese patients with IgAN (P<1.00×10-5). The same extended haplotype associated with elevated Gd-IgA1 levels in all cohorts studied. C1GALT1 encodes a galactosyltransferase enzyme that is important in O-galactosylation of glycoproteins. These findings demonstrate that common variation at C1GALT1 influences Gd-IgA1 level in the population, which independently associates with risk of progressive IgAN, and that the pathogenic importance of changes in IgA1 O-glycosylation may vary between white and Chinese patients with IgAN.
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