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Glomerular common gamma chain confers B- and T-cell-independent protection against glomerulonephritis.

Luque, Yosu; Cathelin, Dominique; Vandermeersch, Sophie; Xu, Xiaoli; Sohier, Julie; Placier, Sandrine; Xu-Dubois, Yi-Chun; Louis, Kevin; Hertig, Alexandre; Bories, Jean-Christophe; Vasseur, Florence; Campagne, Fabien; Di Santo, James P; Vosshenrich, Christian; Rondeau, Eric; Mesnard, Laurent.
Kidney Int; 91(5): 1146-1158, 2017 05.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-28111009
Crescentic glomerulonephritis is a life-threatening renal disease that has been extensively studied by the experimental anti-glomerular basement membrane glomerulonephritis (anti-GBM-GN) model. Although T cells have a significant role in this model, athymic/nude mice and rats still develop severe renal disease. Here we further explored the contribution of intrinsic renal cells in the development of T-cell-independent GN lesions. Anti-GBM-GN was induced in three strains of immune-deficient mice (Rag2-/-, Rag2-/-Il2rg-/-, and Rag2-/-Il2rb-/-) that are devoid of either T/B cells or T/B/NK cells. The Rag2-/-Il2rg-/- or Rag2-/-Il2rb-/- mice harbor an additional deletion of either the common gamma chain (γC) or the interleukin-2 receptor ß subunit (IL-2Rß), respectively, impairing IL-15 signaling in particular. As expected, all these strains developed severe anti-GBM-GN. Additionally, bone marrow replenishment experiments allowed us to deduce a protective role for the glomerular-expressed γC during anti-GBM-GN. Given that IL-15 has been found highly expressed in nephritic kidneys despite the absence of lymphocytes, we then studied this cytokine in vitro on primary cultured podocytes from immune-deficient mice (Rag2-/-Il2rg-/- and Rag2-/-Il2rb-/-) compared to controls. IL-15 induced downstream activation of JAK1/3 and SYK in primary cultured podocytes. IL-15-dependent JAK/SYK induction was impaired in the absence of γC or IL-2Rß. We found γC largely induced on podocytes during human glomerulonephritis. Thus, renal lesions are indeed modulated by intrinsic glomerular cells through the γC/IL-2Rß receptor response, to date classically described only in immune cells.
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