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Determinants for effective collaboration among DNP- and PhD-prepared faculty.

Staffileno, Beth A; Murphy, Marcia Pencak; Carlson, Elizabeth.
Nurs Outlook; 65(1): 94-102, 2017.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-27667700


Uncertainty exists surrounding collaborative relations among Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)- and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)-prepared faculty.


This qualitative study explored the attitudes and determinants for effective collaboration among doctoral-prepared nursing faculty.


Focus groups were conducted using a convenience sample of doctoral faculty who taught in either/both DNP or PhD programs. Focus group questions were derived to identify interpersonal, organizational, and systemic determinants of collaboration. Data were transcribed and content analyzed using Kruger and Casey methods.


Four focus groups included 41 faculty members from two metro area university medical centers.Five themes emerged: (a) DNP not well understood, (b) confusion surrounding research, (c) opportunities for collaboration, (d) lack of structural support, and (e) personal characteristics and attitudes.


Interpersonal relationships, organizational structures, and systemic impacts have both positive and negative influences on successful collaboration among DNP- and PhD-prepared faculty.


Collaborative efforts are needed for advancing the profession.
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