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Graphene-Templated Supported Lipid Bilayer Nanochannels.

Li, Wan; Chung, Jean K; Lee, Young Kwang; Groves, Jay T.
Nano Lett; 16(8): 5022-6, 2016 08 10.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-27362914
The use of patterned substrates to impose geometrical restriction on the lateral mobility of molecules in supported lipid membranes has found widespread utility in studies of cell membranes. Here, we template-pattern supported lipid membranes with nanopatterned graphene. We utilize focused ion beam milling to pattern graphene on its growth substrate, then transfer the patterned graphene to fresh glass substrates for subsequent supported membrane formation. We observe that graphene functions as an excellent lateral diffusion barrier for supported lipid bilayers. Additionally, the observed diffusion dynamics of lipids in nanoscale graphene channels reveal extremely low boundary effects, a common problem with other materials. We suggest this is attributable to the ultimate thinness of graphene.
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