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[Vascular diseases in CKD-MBD].

Shioi, Atsushi.
Clin Calcium; 26(6): 883-8, 2016 Jun.
Artigo em Japonês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-27230844
Vascular calcification is an important component of CKD-MBD and occurs in association with vascular lesions of CKD-MBD such as atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis. Atherosclerotic intimal calcification and medial calcification contribute to the development and progression of cardiovascular disease. Epidemiological data suggest that it is not atherothrombotic disease but myocardal disease including left ventricular hypertrophy with fibrosis and diastolic dysfunction which is the principal cause of cardiovascular death in CKD. Arteriosclerosis is characterized by thickening and calcification of the medial arterial layer. Medial calcification results in increased arterial stiffness and contributes to the development of myocardial disease. Therefore, it is important to develop novel therapeutics for medial calcification.
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