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Partnerships and the past: reflections on 1940s community centre endeavours of the National Fitness Council.

Madsen, Wendy.
Health Promot J Austr; 27(2): 148-152, 2016 05 04.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-27140834
Issue addressed Multisectoral and multilevel partnerships have been used in Australia since the 1940s to promote health. Examination of historical partnerships can offer insights into current practice.


Historical method was used to analyse archival material regarding the role of the National Fitness Council (NFC) and its partnerships under the Federal Government's program to establish community centres.


Inadequate funding, messy organisational structures, a broadly defined goal and limited capacity within the NFC inhibited its work in regards to community centres.


Although the policy of establishing community centres was ultimately unsuccessful, this examination has analysed the partnerships between the NFC and various levels of governments, and the effect of the political and economic context on them. So what? Current health promotion practitioners can draw on the past to gain insight into potential problems and issues.
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