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Interaction of uromodulin and complement factor H enhances C3b inactivation.

Liu, Maojing; Wang, Yaqin; Wang, Fengmei; Xia, Min; Liu, Ying; Chen, Yuqing; Zhao, Ming-Hui.
J Cell Mol Med; 20(10): 1821-8, 2016 10.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-27113631
Recent studies suggest that uromodulin plays an important role in chronic kidney diseases. It can interact with several complement components, various cytokines and immune system cells. Complement factor H (CFH), as a regulator of the complement alternative pathway, is also associated with various renal diseases. Thus, we have been suggested that uromodulin regulates complement activation by interacting with CFH during tubulointerstitial injury. We detected co-localization of uromodulin and CFH in the renal tubules by using immunofluorescence. Next, we confirmed the binding of uromodulin with CFH in vitro and found that the affinity constant (KD ) of uromodulin binding to CFH was 4.07 × 10(-6) M based on surface plasmon resonance results. The binding sites on CFH were defined as the short consensus repeat (SCR) units SCR1-4, SCR7 and SCR19-20. The uromodulin-CFH interaction enhanced the cofactor activity of CFH for factor I-mediated cleavage of C3b to iC3b. These results indicate that uromodulin plays a role via binding and enhancing the function of CFH.
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