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The Brain Analysis Library of Spatial maps and Atlases (BALSA) database.

Van Essen, David C; Smith, John; Glasser, Matthew F; Elam, Jennifer; Donahue, Chad J; Dierker, Donna L; Reid, Erin K; Coalson, Timothy; Harwell, John.
Neuroimage; 144(Pt B): 270-274, 2017 01.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-27074495
We report on a new neuroimaging database, BALSA, that is a repository for extensively analyzed neuroimaging datasets from humans and nonhuman primates. BALSA is organized into two distinct sections. BALSA Reference is a curated repository of reference data accurately mapped to brain atlas surfaces and volumes, including various types of anatomically and functionally derived spatial maps as well as brain connectivity. BALSA Studies is a repository of extensively analyzed neuroimaging and neuroanatomical datasets associated with specific published studies, as voluntarily submitted by authors. It is particularly well suited for sharing of neuroimaging data as displayed in published figures. Uploading and downloading of data to BALSA involves 'scene' files that replicate how datasets appear in Connectome Workbench visualization software. Altogether, BALSA offers efficient access to richly informative datasets that are related to but transcend the images available in scientific publications.
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