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Endoscopic mucosal resection for large serrated lesions in comparison with adenomas: a prospective multicentre study of 2000 lesions.

Pellise, Maria; Burgess, Nicholas G; Tutticci, Nicholas; Hourigan, Luke F; Zanati, Simon A; Brown, Gregor J; Singh, Rajvinder; Williams, Stephen J; Raftopoulos, Spiro C; Ormonde, Donald; Moss, Alan; Byth, Karen; P'Ng, Heok; Mahajan, Hema; McLeod, Duncan; Bourke, Michael J.
Gut; 66(4): 644-653, 2017 04.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-26786685


Endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR) is effective for large laterally spreading flat and sessile lesions (LSLs). Sessile serrated adenomas/polyps (SSA/Ps) are linked to the relative failure of colonoscopy to prevent proximal colorectal cancer. We aimed to examine the technical success, adverse events and recurrence following EMR for large SSA/Ps in comparison with large conventional adenomas.


Over 74 months till August 2014, prospective multicentre data of LSLs ≥20 mm were analysed. A standardised dye-based conventional EMR technique followed by scheduled surveillance colonoscopy was used.


From a total of 2000 lesions, 323 SSA/Ps in 246 patients and 1527 adenomas in 1425 patients were included for analysis. Technical success for EMR was superior in SSA/Ps compared with adenomas (99.1% vs 94.5%, p<0.001). Significant bleeding and perforation were similar in both cohorts. The cumulative recurrence rates for adenomas after 6, 12, 18 and 24 months were 16.1%, 20.4%, 23.4% and 28.4%, respectively. For SSA/Ps, they were 6.3% at 6 months and 7.0% from 12 months onwards (p<0.001). Following multivariable adjustment, the HR of recurrence for adenomas versus SSA/Ps was 1.7 (95% CI 0.9 to 3.0, p=0.097). Subgroup analysis by lesion size revealed an eightfold increased risk of recurrence for 20-25 mm adenomas versus SSA/Ps, but no significantly different risk between lesion types in larger lesion groups.


Recurrence after EMR of 20-25 mm LSLs is significantly less frequent in SSA/Ps compared with adenomatous lesions. SSA/Ps can be more effectively removed than adenomatous LSLs with equivalent safety. Ensuring complete initial resection is imperative for avoiding recurrence.TRIAL REGISTRATION NUMBER: NCT01368289.
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